La Novela 2014

For the third consecutive year, Bruno Latour and the FORCCAST team attended the Novela festival in Toulouse on October 13 for the Mapping Controversy Award.

The main theme of this event “Nous, les terriens…” (“Us, earthlings…”) gathered about twenty students from six different schools (Sciences Po, Neuchâtel University, Politecnico di Milano, Mines ParisTech, Ponts ParisTech and Télécom ParisTech) to present their controversy mapping work during the afternoon hosted by Bruno Latour and Nicolas Benvegnu.

From farming and greenhouse gas emission, environmental migrations to the return of the wolf in Norman Switzerland including the Snowden case, the IPCC and planetary boundaries, students had the opportunity to debate on the current ecological crisis and discuss with a very present and attentive audience. This debate wasn’t limited to a “question and answer session” but on the contrary it was enhanced by the dialog between the students from different school courses and the audience.

This day ended with the oral presentation of SPEAP (program of experimentation in arts and politics) students on a case study about the effect of Cyclone Xynthia by means of short and full-length feature films.

The meeting of the students and the audience really constituted the strong point of this day and the group work that gathered them led to visibility and meeting factors to be dealt with in depth by the FORCCAST team.

The program is available here!

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