Students publish their final work in video format

As part of Forccast’s framework, students enrolled in the course entitled Socio-political challenges of digital technology at Sciences Po (led by Dominique Boullier and assisted by Maxime Crépel) have to produce short instructional videos on subjects related to digital technology. They have to create a documentary project and write a scenario, closely monitored by a teacher expert on cinematographic writing (Philippe Labroue).


The purpose of this course is to break the pattern of teaching methods and exploit all the narrative possibilities typical of filmmaking. During the second year, another group has to reappropriate the scenario by creating a storyboard, learning to handle the camera, learning to shoot and edit- all of this supervised by the teacher. This project allows to translate the purpose of digital alphabetization in a more creative way, but above all, to consider the habit of image-based expression (animations) found on the internet, given the fact that no other educational program offers a course on image reading and writing to a broad spectrum of students (though they consume and produce hours of videos).

The video presented here is entitled “The Great Firewall” and is one of the best projects produced by students. It explains the way China manages to control nearly completely its Internet. This video has been produced and acted out by students coming from different master’s degrees at Sciences Po in 2013-2014 for the scenario, and 2014-2015 for the making of the film.



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