Forccast won an Erasmus + project

Forccast is part of a European consortium that won an Erasmus + project. The program will train within this framework hundreds of students throughout Europe for the stakes and controversies related to the protection of the environment !

For the next three years, Forecast will participate in the project Education for Sustainable Development : Make It Work. Thousands of secondary school students will be immersed in simulations aiming to raise their awareness to environmental issues. High school teachers as well as teaching staff will be trained as well.

This project is promoted by the Rectorat de Lille, partnered with the Communauté d’Universités et d’établissements Lille Nord de France, the College of Europetwo German and Polish higher secondary schools and an association for international solidarity, Le Partenariat. Forecast will share its expertise on pedagogical innovation with all these partners.

This project prolongs the fruitful collaboration between Forccast and the Rectorat de Lille for the 2016-2017 project Climat Klima Klimat involving 30 secondary school pupils in negotiating for the preservation of oceans.

Forccast will set up several international negotiations for environment simulations within this framework.

The goal is to raise the students’ awareness to climatic biodiversity issues specifically and to the controversies these create. To this end, Forccast will also train about ten teachers for controversy mapping, so that they introduce students of this program to this pedagogical method. This way, the students will approach negotiation simulations with a better understanding of the complexities of the controversies and the positioning of different actors. 

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