Axis 3 classes

Axis 3 classes: Debate

While the mastery of public speaking is often a clincher in the professional life, learning it is not part of the apprenticeship in the French secondary education.

FORCCAST wishes to rectify this by providing a technical training in public speaking. Students practice the whole year and have the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge during simulations. The latest was organized by Adrien Fauve (Sciences Po) and Paris 3 University as part of the simulation workshop. The theme was ‘European simulation: climate change’ and it took place on February 14.

Such an event requires for students to have crucial social skills in professional life: listening, arguing, debating, mobilizing knowledge, catching the opinions and interests of the different actors, etc.

For the first 2013 semester, the axis 3 includes the following classes:

  • Simulation Negotiating with Iran – Adrien Fauve and Philippe Perchoc (Sciences Po, Paris 3)

You can consult the list of the previous years’ classes by clicking the links below:

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  • 2013/14
  • 2012/13
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