Axis 2: Contribute

Axis 2: Contribute

Image has become a dominant vector for the transmission of knowledge that succeeds in efficiently drawing the attention. Productions (e.g. a video of a 2-hour class) increase but without an established semiotic convention and by authors with varied statuses.

The axis 2 of the FORCCAST project, led by Dominique Boullier, consists in contributing to the enhancement and the tracking of this knowledge current semiotic formats such as web, multimedia and video.

In the three establishments, students who follow the courses on controversy mapping must produce websites and videos by becoming familiar with web publishing and video production by creating presentation format adapted to their theme. The content will be made available to the public and students will become contributors to a scientifically validated knowledge and enhance public debate.

However, the students’ savoir-faire in this field is not formalised and has more to do with intuition. The conceptual engineering must be consolidated and further equipped, the production chain is not standardized and the sharing of documents is not adapted to a future exploitation by other courses.

Pedagogical goals

The goals of the axis 2 are as follow:

  • Scenarize controversy through web-publishing by limiting the students to 7 minutes (roughly to 7 idea, which is considered as the limit of memorization on a normal subject on a given theme in a single document since Miller (1956));
  • Produce grains of knowledge in video writing.

To achieve this, students need to be able to:

  • Create, edit and publish digital contents using digital tools;
  • Scenarize the subjects they have studied, by making their complexity understandable by an amateur public;
  • Respect the principles of web and video writing.

Each student’s work is listed in the Mapping Controversy Archive.

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