Axis 3: Debate

Axis 3: Debate

The goal of the 3rd axis is to make it the completion of the first two axis of FORCCAST. Public speaking, negotiation simulation and collective decision-making in realistic environment put students up against the complexity of constraints they will have to face in the workplace. Role-playing will also give them the opportunity to work with real data.

Such an axis requires students to develop social skills crucial in the professional environment: listen, argue, debate, mobilise recognized knowledge, locate the different position and the interest of the different actors…

This axis, placed under the responsibility of Cyril Delhay, deals with the debate in realistic simulation of negotiation situation and collective decision-making. It aims at teaching students how to mobilize newly acquired proofs constituted using digital data explored in phase 1 and allows them to acquire new competences in the different digital fields.

Pedagogic goals

The goals of the 3rd axis are as follow:

  • Experiment with public speaking;
  • Experiment with debate, negotiation and collective decision-making;
  • Use of available digital tools.

To achieve this goal, students need to:

  • Be trained to public speaking;
  • Develop crucial social skills crucial in the workplace, i.e. listen, argue, debate;
  • Mobilize recognised knowledge;
  • Locate the position and interests of the different actors.
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